能登の九十九湾百楽荘に行ってきました。"stayed at the hotel facing the bay KUTSUMO HYAKURAKUSOU Noto"


I was touring for the first time in one year, stayed at the hotel facing the bay KUTSUMO HYAKURAKUSOU Noto. Unfortunately in the rain, except the inside of the helmet shield, while everything is wet, while t was a sad day. On the other hand, thanks to the rain, caught a picture happy to moist.


百楽荘で撮影した写真 Photos taken with HYAKURAKUSOU

百楽荘玄関 "Bee​n exposed to rain front door"

桟橋に続く洞窟 "Following the pier cave"

洞窟風呂横ナイトスポ​ット "Bath night spot next to the cave"

ライトアップ海!と、​乙姫荘 "Light up the sea! And dining OTOHIME"

ナイトビュー、浮き桟​​橋 "Night view, floating bridge crosspiece​​"
Panoramio Photo

ナイトビュー、浮き桟​橋 "Night view, floating bridge crosspiece​"
Panoramio Phot

桟橋横ウッドウォーク "Next to the pier, Wood Walk"

コテージ "Cottage"

チョイス、THE浴衣 "Choice THE YUKATA"

チョイス、THE帯 "Choice, THE OBI"

おもてなし "Hospitali​ty"

女将さん作?生け花 ​"Okami's created? Flower arrangemen​t"
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